Can you explain the sizes? 

Our sizing is for reference only. All our pendant beads are handmade and different sizes. Expect variations. 

   - Mini: Our smallest size! We are not able to cut the glass smaller than this. These are ideal for small earrings, post earrings, bangle charms, small pendant and more.

   - Small: These drop beads are the perfect size for earrings and other art designs.

   - Medium: These drop beads are great for necklaces, (might be too big/heavy for earrings), bookmarks, wine charms, and craft projects.  Celebrate your creativity!

   - Large: These Beads are awesome for pendants, small ornaments, hypertufa, wire wrapping and more craft creations.

   -  Extra Large: These are bigger beads. Perfect for tiling, mosaics, suncatchers, decorations, stained glass, and other creative ideas. 

 What do you mean by Upcycled?

The beads are made of broken glass mostly from windows. That is clear flat “float” glass. The glass is cut, color and layers are stacked together in the kiln. When they reach the right temperature “fusing point” the layers melt together becoming extraordinary creations. The bubbles and the small cracks are proper of the technique and the nature of the materials we use. These “defects” are spontaneous and make each piece one of a kind.

 Is the glass fragile?

In general, the glass is fairly sturdy due to the thickness and the heating processes done during bead making. For example, if you drop a small necklace or earrings on a rug, they usually will not break. However, if you drop them on concrete they may break or get chipped.

 What is Fused Glass?

Fusing glass involves cutting glass and stacking it together and firing the glass in a kiln to about 1475 degrees until it fuses or joins together in one piece. This process takes about 12 to 14 hours, including heating and cool down. Additional aspects of fusing glass include grinding to smooth rough edges and polishing the glass.

 Can I order another bead exactly like the one I have?

We can use the same colors and make a similar shape, but the pieces will never come out exactly the same. Every piece is unique!Will the item I receive look exactly as pictured?All of our fused glass items are individually handmade. While every effort is made to replicate the style and color of the piece you have chosen, slight variations may be present. These elements add to the unique beauty that makes each piece a one-of-a-kind treasure made just for you! This should be considered part of what makes your purchase special.

 Are these products for children?

NO. These items are produced for adults and not designed to be worn or used by children. These items are not toys nor are they meant for children. They are made of glass. Some of these items are choking hazards or may have sharp points. None of our components are intended for the creation of children's jewelry, or intended for use by children under the age of fifteen.

 Are the dimensions listed in the product descriptions exact?

Due to the handcrafted nature of the items, dimensions in the product descriptions should be regarded as approximate.

 Do you Wholesale?

We are a small studio. Our prodduction doesn’t allow to wholesale at this point.

 What is the best way to contact Fiesta Beads?

We respond promptly to all inquiries via email. You can contact us at FiestaBeads@gmail.com 617-299-9595


These items are produced for adults and not designed to be worn or used by children under the age of thirteen. These items are not toys nor are they meant for children jewelry. These are small pieces and a hazard. They are made of glass and some of these items may have sharp points. 

Due to the handcrafted nature of the items, dimensions in the product descriptions should be regarded as approximate.All the pieces are handmade, There are never tow identical. That's what makes them unique!

These are small batch productions of the items displayed in the photos. Please allow slight variations from the photographed item are inevitable due to the nature of this work each design is hand-painted in between the layers of glass

California's Proposition 65 Warning To California Residents

This warning is provided to comply with California's Proposition 65 product labeling law. We recycle glass and we use glass enamel finishing products which may contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. Fiesta Beads and Recycled Glass provides this warning based on its knowledge concerning the possible presence of one or more such chemicals, without attempting to evaluate the level of exposure.