• Blue, green Upcycled glass bead for craft project.

Blue, green Upcycled glass bead for craft project.

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Wow. Blue, green round Upcycled glass bead for craft project. 

Handmade Upcycled Glass bead made of 2 layers of clear window glass. The glass is collected, cut, cleaned, painted and assembled. He pieces are carefully placed in a kiln to fuse. When they reach fusing point the layers melt together each piece becomes a unique creation. The bubbles make each bead one of a kind. Sustainable glass art!

This bead is perfect for a necklace, pendant, mosaic. Beach glass window,etc.

Size: approximately 1.4 inches in diameter. (including the hook is about 1.6" long).

ONLY glass bead included. Other components must be bought separately. We made a necklace just to give an idea. We cannot wait to see you finished pieces!
Handcrafted in small quantities. Please allow variations.
Not for children. Actual colors may vary slightly, depending on your monitor